Rowena Nursery School

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Enrolment Procedures

Parents/carers who wish their child to attend Rowena Nursery School  can make an application from the child’s birth and they will remain on our waiting list until they are an entitled 2-year-old or aged 3.

Applications are completed, by appointment only. Please telephone the Nursery to make an appointment.

Please make it clear at the time of application whether you wish your child to attend the English Medium or Gaelic Medium  as we have two separate waiting lists.

All applications are logged on Glasgow City Council's "Nursery Application Management System" (NAMS) database.  Every application is banded according to information contained in the application and any other information provided by other agencies.   The banding assists the Panel in the allocation of places.  Parents can ask to see their application at any time.  If circumstances change which could affect the application, you should speak to the Head Teacher.

The Admissions Panel meets at regular intervals, with the main one being in April each year.  The panel consists of the Heads of Centre of the Early Years Establishments in the area and where applicable, a representative from divisional offices and representatives of other agencies involved in supporting children and their families, eg Social Work, Health Board etc

Only one application may be submitted, but you are able to choose up to 3 nurseries on the application.  The application must be submitted to your first choice nursery, along with any paperwork required (which will be explained to you when you collect the application).  If you attempt to submit multiple applications, then only the most recent application will be retained on the system.  If your first choice nursery is unable to offer a place, then you may receive an offer from your second or third choice.  If any offer is refused, then your child's name will be removed from the list.