Rowena Nursery School

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Welcome to our school


Rowena Nursery, including a Gaelic Medium Playroom, is situated in the Knightswood area of Glasgow.

The Nursery moved from the Knightswood Primary School campus to its own brand new building adjacent to the school.  There has been a Rowena Nursery School in the area since 1969.

All places are allocated in accordance with Glasgow City Council's Admissions Policy, and can be found on Glasgow City Council's website. 

A register of applications is kept to assist in the allocation of places.  Applications are accepted from birth.

The age range of the children in the establishment is 2-5 years, although a small number of children may have a deferred year at nursery until the age of 6.

Our English Medium room, Mull,  has a possible roll of 62/62.

Our Gaelic Medium room, Tiree,has a possible roll of 16/16.

Our Under 3s room, Orkney, has a possible role of 15/15.


Head of Centre
Jackie Fulton