Rowena Nursery School

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Health and Medicine

Health Promoting Nursery
A healthy snack is provided daily. Please inform us of any medical or dietary
needs. Children must not bring their own food / sweets to nursery. Some children have allergies and may become ill if given food by other children, this includes having food items in your child’s bag on their peg in the corridor.

Administration of medication
It is very important that full details of your child’s medical and allergy history is provided when completing admission forms and that any new information is
communicated promptly to the Nursery.
Children cannot be given medicine in nursery unless by prior agreement in writing and medication forms have
been filled in. All medication must have pharmacy labels on with children’s name and the first dose been given by the parent. On-going medication must be replaced when required as per used by date. All medications will be reviewed every 28 days by the team leader and you will be asked to sign every review regardless of any changes.