Rowena Nursery School

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Our Nursery Aims

Rowena Nursery / Sgoil Araich Rowena is a dual language early year setting where we provide English medium and Gaelic medium education.


At Rowena Nursery, we aim to 


  • be advocates of children and childhood, safeguarding and celebrating the importance of early years as a crucial stage in its own right. Children’s rights and children’s voice will underpin all that we do within our diverse and inclusive service.


  • strive for excellence to provide a sector leading early learning and childcare environment that meets the holistic needs and aspirations of our very young children, families, community and local and national priorities.


  • have the highest expectations for all children ensuring barriers to the attainment and wellbeing of children are supported fully by a service that understands and promotes equality and equity to narrow the gap of disadvantage. 


  • develop our team ensuring that all educators are well supported, enthusiastic, reflective and highly motivated with high standards of professionalism and pedagogical understanding underpinning practice. 


  • involve families in every step of their child’s learning journey, genuinely respecting and embracing the skills and attributes of parents and the importance of the home as the first and most important learning environment. As such we will embark on a flexible family engagement programme that will be shaped by the needs of Rowena families.


  • provide meaningful learning that is grounded in nurturing practice, is developmentally appropriate, differentiated, connected, exciting and relevant to children’s own experiences and interests.


  • promote the acquisition and learning of Gaelic through a play-based pedagogy, utilising strong links with the wider Gaelic community to further enrich and develop learner experiences.  We aim to enhance the status of Gaelic throughout our setting exposing all children to Scotland’s heritage, national identity and cultural life. 


  • support children to “Be all You can Be” linking Pre-Birth to Three, Realising the Ambition and the 4 capacities of early level Curriculum for Excellence.