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Winter Weather

Winter Weather - Glasgow School Closure Procedures

If the weather conditions are bad enough, Glasgow City Council may need to close some or all of the schools.

Everything possible will be done to keep schools open, but it is frequently the case that the issues which lead to closures - such as burst pipes - only emerge in the morning.  Therefore, they are often left with no option but to announce closures at short notice.

The council use a number of ways to tell people about closures, such as local media, text messaging and their website

One of the best and quickest ways to find out about school closures is to follow the Council on Twitter -  You can receive Twitter updates via text message on your mobile phone.  If you do not have a Twitter account, you can still get updates via SMS from Twitter using its Fast Follow service.  More details on this are available on the Twitter website.

Once the nursery staff are aware of a closure, if it is at all possible, all parents/carers will be contacted by text (please make sure your contact details are correct).  However, the computer system which sends the texts can become overwhelmed and messages may not get through for some considerable time, therefore a message will also be put on our own website under 'Current Information'.  Telephone lines to both the Council and the Nursery can be extremely busy, so please check either Twitter or our website first.  Our website can be updated from outwith the Nursery, if staff are unable to get into the building.

Every attempt will be made to keep you informed, via the website, as soon as we have the information from the Council.